Indian MS University Apply RFID tag in Library

Finding the book you wanted in a library was almost akin to locating a needle in the haystack. But no longer. Soon, students, teachers and research scholars will find it to be child’s play using radio frequency identification system (RFID) to locate books from hundreds of racks in various libraries of M S University campus.

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The university has decided to implement the RFID in library systems of its campus which will help users check out an entire stack, the collection inventory while officials will be able to accurately shelve books within minutes. RFID automated material handling systems also helps accelerate the process of returning books to library shelves faster.
The RFID tag contains a microchip which is programmed with identification and security information and then affixed to books or library materials.
Starting with the huge collection of university’s Hansa Mehta Library, RFID will be implemented at the cost of Rs 3 crore. Apart from Hansa Mehta Library, which is the main library of university campus with collection of nearly 8 lakh books, MSU houses 25 other small and big libraries.
“In the first phase, the focus will be on tagging rare books and manuscripts of Oriental Institute,” said an official, adding that the new technology will help reduce dependence on manpower and make the system more secure.
“After full implementation, students will be able to locate the books themselves and get them issued,” said the official. The technology involves a security system that ensures that books cannot be pilfered out of the libraries, he added.
The university wants to implement RFID as it prepares itself for re-accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the autonomous body of the University Grants Commission that accreditates all higher education institutes in the country.
“There are many libraries across the country which are equipped with RFID,” he said.


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