Revolutionary IntelliGuard RFID Solution for Anesthesiologists

IntelliGuard ™, the global leader in RFID drug management technology, announced on December 9 that it will integrate IntelliGuard anesthesia solutions with Epic, the world’s largest electronic medical record provider. Through this integration, IntelliGuard will provide revolutionary and industry-leading RFID tracking technology for anesthesiologists and connect with Epic software, taking the medical industry a step closer to hospital interoperability.

INTELLHYDRO Technology Provide Professional RFID tags for healthcare industry. Alien, Impinj, NXP, RFID  small antenna dielectric mounting (glass,liquid) tags for pharmaceutical management.


As we all know, the medical industry creates disconnected workflows and time-consuming steps for caregivers at all levels, including anaesthetists. Because systems from different departments cannot communicate with each other, providers have to shift most of their energy from patient care to management.

To improve communication and increase operating room efficiency, IntelliGuard’s Intelligent Inventory Solutions ™ provide real-time inventory monitoring and analysis, eliminating the need for manual tracking. By integrating IntelliGuard anesthetics with the Epic system, anesthesiologists and pharmacists can accurately track medication usage (including controlled medications). RFID technology can provide a deeper understanding of when medicines will be distributed, the dosage given to patients, the medications they receive, and any allergic reactions related to the condition. Passive workflows allow paramedics to streamline medication management and increase patient care time.

Gordon Krass, President and CEO of IntelliGuard, said: “IntelliGuard has been working to eliminate pain points in the isolation of workflows in the operating room. Barcode technology can only handle about two-thirds of drug inventory at a time, which is not enough to ensure that the hospital has accurate drug inventory And pharmaceutical usage. The automated inventory tracking and analysis we use in conjunction with Epic through RFID will provide more reliable and deeper visibility and consistent accountability for anaesthesiology and pharmacies. ”

New research finds that drug transfer in hospitals is a cause of underreporting of the opioid epidemic and is often undetected, leading to patient safety issues, harm to transferers, and significant legal and financial risks to hospitals and health systems.

Half of the respondents reported that they observed suspicious activity at the hospital as evidence of diversion. Medical staff believes that outdated technologies and tools for detecting transfers are only effective to a certain extent, and said that real-time detection tools need to be improved to identify transferers.

IntelliGuard is known for its industry-leading solutions that effectively implement drug inventory management and intensive care supply management, helping hospitals and health systems eliminate human error, increase cost control, reduce risk, and increase efficiency.

IntelliGuard launched the IntelliGuard Anesthesia Station in 2018 to provide true operating room medication management, using RFID to record real-time medication distribution data in the operating area without disrupting the anesthesiologist or delaying patient care. The increase in Epic integration is a key component of IntelliGuard’s commitment to addressing healthcare, which has been improved and modernized.

The IntelliGuard Anesthesia Management System can also manage controlled medications, while helping to prevent and detect drug transfers in traditionally challenging areas (such as the operating room). With hundreds of controlled drugs being scanned simultaneously in seconds, clinicians receive alerts about any signs of diversion and can track the chain of custody from the pharmacy to the point of care.

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