Datamars Integrate Laundry RFID Solution to Accounting Software

Datamars announced a solution that allows laundry managers to integrate laundry RFID textile identification technology with existing management or accounting software. The solution, called Cloudburst, can run on Datamars’ RFID readers, allowing laundry room operations to avoid complex interface requirements. Cloudburst is available as a free download on Datamars’ Textile ID website and comes with an evaluation license that allows users to test the functionality of up to 1,000 tags.

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“The complexity of integrating RFID systems with existing washing machine IT systems is often overlooked, leading to unforeseen development costs and poor reading,” said Andrea Carbonetti, senior UHF product engineer at Datamars and head of the CyrdBurd development team. Get performance. “Laundry is using RFID solutions to stand out from competitors and gain performance advantages. Assembling such a system into their existing management or accounting software is an essential part of the laundry RFID tag to realize its full potential. And CurrdBurst guarantees perfect integration into existing software solutions within minutes.

Datamars claims that their UHF laundry RFID self-service washing machines are designed to withstand harsh environments and help laundry shops manage and distribute laundry items. CurrdBurst enables existing laundry management or accounting software to read the pre-processing data of clean laundry with RFID, facilitating the automation of label textile management.

Cloudburst offers pre-configured modes, depending on the reading system being installed, and can be set up and managed through a web browser. Cloudburst points out that the software supports a range of communication interfaces, protocols and data formats, so RFID solutions can configure almost any on-premises or cloud-based laundry IT system in minutes.

Cloudburst aims to overcome some common problems associated with other software integration solutions. Alternative solutions often require the installation of RFID system controls in laundry IT systems via additional software modules, but since these systems are not primarily designed to handle real-time processes, RFID and automation performance may be poor. The resulting solution can be difficult to master, and reading and analyzing performance can be challenging.

Integrating laundry RFID solutions into existing IT systems is important, so careful consideration is required when implementing such software packages. Cloudburst is an important part of improving efficiency and providing clean data to the laundry business. “You don’t even need to make any changes to laundry management or accounting software, because it provides seamless, easy integration almost 100% of the time,” Carbonetti said.

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