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RFID Laundry Tag | Silicone ABS PPS Textile Laundry Tags

INTELLHYDRO laundry RFID tag are completely customizable, in materials, in the format, in the size and in types of chip RFID and antennas RFID which can be included.

RFID Laundry Tag can withstand the most rigorous laundry environments including sterilization, high-pressure water extractors, high temperature and repeated washing and drying. INTELLHYDRO offers a selection of RFID laundry tags in 125 kHz LF, 13.56 MHz HF, as well Gen 2 UHF frequencies.

UHF Silicone Laundry Tag the state-of-the-art invention for industrial laundry applications, is waterproof, soft, chemical properties of stability. The UHF silicone laundry tag can be washed more than 300 times, and suitable for washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing.


RFID Silicone Laundry Tag


Material: Silicone

Dimension: 50 x 10 x 2.2mm or customized

Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC global Class 1 Gen 2

Frequency: 865~ 928 MHz

IC Type: Alien Higgs 3

EPC Memory: 96bits, User:512bits, TID: 32bits

Color Options: Blue, white or customized

Using Times: Less than 3% DFT after 300 times

IP Class: IP68

Tested Read Range: Up to 4 m, distance varying upon the tested reader

Operating Temperature: -30 °C ~ 200 °C

Laundry Tag is produced by injection molding technology. It is waterproof and high resistant to aggressive liquids and assures reliable performance and stability reading across fluctuating temperatures. It is one of the sturdiest and most resilient encapsulated RFID tag available in the market today. It’s an ideal solution for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments.


RFID PPS Washable Laundry Tag


Material: PPS or nylon


* Dia 16mm with two holes(HF)

* Dia 20mm,23.5mm (LF/HF)

* Dia 25.5mm with two holes(LF/HF/UHF)

Color Options: Black, gray or customized

IP Class: IP68

Tested Read Range:

* LF: 3~10cm

* HF: 1~50cm

* UHF: 50~150cm (Distance varying upon the tested Reader)

Washing Times: Appr 100 Times

Operating Temperature: -20 °C ~ 140 °C

Storage Temperature: -20 °C ~ 110 °C for 500 hours; 120 °C for 100 hours; 140 °C for 5 hours


ABS Laundry Tag

ABS Laundry Tag is a cost effective option compared with other laundry tags. A logo can be laser-engraved or embossed on the surface. It is not only for laundry application, but also an ideal solution for various industrial non-metal applications.


Material: ABS / Nylon + epoxy filling


* Dia. 26mm (LF/HF)

* Thickness: 3.0mm

* Hole Dimension: 5 x 12.8mm

Color: Black, blue, yellow or customized

Optional: Chip encoding; laser engrave number or logo

Washing Times: Appr 80 times

IP Class: IP68

Tested Read Range: LF: 3~10cm; HF: 1~50cm; (Distance varying upon

the tested reader)

Operating Temperature: -20 °C ~ 55 °C


Textile Laundry Tag


  • Can be applied to industrial washing, capable of 60 bar pressure,
  • stable and reliable RF performance. 200 industrial washing cycle times
  • 100% memory writing tested.
  • Both material and design have been tested for reliability.
  • 100% function tested by Voyantec Tagformace.
  • Can customize size for customers.
  • Soft material.
  • Smallest module inside the tag.
  • Can stick under 60 bar pressure.
Compliance EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 902-928MHz, 865~868MHz       (Can customize frequency)
Chip NXP Ucode7 / 7M
Memory EPC 128bits
Read/write Yes (EPC)
Data Storage 20 years
Lifetime 200 wash cycles or 3 years from shipping date (whichever comes first)
Material Textile
Dimension 70mm L x 15mm W x 1.4mm H (Can customize the size)
Storage Temperature -40+120 ℃
Operating Temperature Washing: 90℃, 15 minutes, 200 cycle

Drying: 180℃, 3 minutes, 200 cycle

Tunnel Finisher: 170℃, 10 minutes

Mechanical Resistance Up to 60 bars
Delivery format Single
Installation Method Thread installation (Please contact with the original factory before installation, understand the detailed installation method)
Weight ~ 0.7g
Package Anti-static bag and carton
Color White
Power Supply Passive
Chemicals All common chemicals in the washing processes
Temperature cycle test -40℃~+120℃, 7 times cycle time testing, 48 hours total
RoHS Compatible
Read distance Up to 4 meters (EIRP=4W)

Up to 2 meters

Polarization Liner


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