Animal Implanted Microchip | Animal bio-glass RFID tag

INTELLHYDRO  animal glass implanted microchip RFID tag deliver consistent quality and reliability with patented direct-bonding technology that enables exceptional size-to-performance ratios.

Standard units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals. The optional parylene coating improves and accelerates tissue adhesion, preventing the movement of tags implanted subcutaneously into pets, fish or laboratory animals. Implanted subcutaneously, the transponders perform reliably over the long term, minimizing the potential for errors or traumatic tag removal and replacement. . This is an ideal solution in such cases as in the European Union, where chips are implanted under the skin of pets. This, coupled with an EU pet passport, permits travel of animals among EU member states without quarantine.

Animal glass RFID Tag is a flexible and reliable solution for pet, livestock and fish identification, pigeon race and identification of laboratory animals. It is a flexible solution for secure animal identification that withstands most chemicals and harsh environment circumstances (IP68).

This RFID Glass Tag is equipped with an OTP microchip. Thereby, several data rates can be programmed and data can be encoded via configuration word in EEPROM. Read and write access to EEPROM can be protected with a 32-bit password and a unique ID.


  • Tiny, implantable RFID tag
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Practically limitless options
  • Rugged reliability
  • OTP encoding


  • Frequency: 125KHz, 134KHz
  • Working Temperature: -25°C to ~ 85°C
  • Dimensions: Dia.1.41×8.3mm, Dia.2.12×8.8mm, Dia.2.12x12mm, Dia.3.85x32mm
  • Material: Biocompatible glass
  • Transponder Baud Rates: f(RF)/64, f(RF)/32, f(RF)16, f(RF)/8
  • Transponder Coding Types: Manchester, Biphasic, ASK & PSK
  • International Standards: ISO11784/85, FDX-A & FDX-B, HDX


* Programming of customized data

* Parylene C coating

* Supply with sterilized syringes or cannulas


Animal tracking

Scientific medical testing

Material: Biochemical glass

Dimensions: 1.25*7mm, 1.4*8.5mm, 1.5*8mm, 2.12*8mm, 2.12*12mm, 3*15mm

Disinfection method: EO (ethylene oxide) disinfection, valid for five years

Product color: all colors can be customized

RFID chips: EM4305, EM4200, TK4100, T5577, HDX7999, HITAG S256, I CODE SLI, NTAG213/215/216, FM1108, etc.


Widely used in cats, dogs, experimental rats, pet cockroaches, arowana, fish, horses, rabbit tracking, etc.

Product Type Bio-glass Implanted Microchip for animal
Frequency 134.2 ± 2 KHz
Standard and Protocol ISO 11784/11785
Transmission Principle Full Duplex (FDX-B)
Microchip Type EM4305 , R/W
Data Memory 256bits
Dimension 2.12 x 12mm
Reading Range 30cm max( Reader dependent)
Operating Temperature -25°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 100°C
Weight 0.1g
Write Endurance > 1,000,000 cycles
Memory Retention > 20 years
Case Material Cylindrical Bio-glass
EMC  Not affected by Normal Electromagnetic Interference or X-Rays
Signal Penetration  No known Blockage by non-magnetic material
Power Source No Battery Required


Microchip without Injection syringe

Sterilizing before using.
Sizes for animals use:
Bigger size for other applications:

Microchip with Injection syringe

Medical-grade sterilization pouch
Valid period: EO sterilized, 5 years under proper package

Customization-ID number

6 barcodes/piece ,15 digits/barcode
We can do ID number according to your requiring.
If there is no assigned ID number, we will make one for you and print on the label with barcode.

Customization Packaging
Customized design printed packaging pouch.


The whole set can be unsterilized according to your requirement.
(All sets default to be sterilized.)







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