UHF tag

UHF RFID Tag | EPC Gen 2 | ISO/IEC180006-C

INTELLHYDRO UHF RFID Tag 860-960MHz (US:902-928MHz) (EU:866-868MHz) complies with the EPC global Gen2 (ISO/IEC18000-6C) standard, offers you the real-time asset visibility. You need to streamline operations, maximize asset utilization and error-proof asset-related data.


What’s difference between RFID Dry Inlay, RFID Wet inlay and UHF RFID tag?

Dry inlay and wet inlay are semi-finished products that can be converted into an adhesive RFID tag, ABS RFID tag, access control keyfob or a smart card, etc.

UHF RFID tag could be offered in a wide variety of sizes tailored to meet your requirements. With PET substrate, both sides printed an aluminum or copper foil consists out of a RFID transponder with an etched AL or Cu antenna and a golden bump chip by FLIP bonding – it is named RFID dry inlay. After coating with adhesive glue and shaping into the right size, the inlay is named RFID wet inlay. Sandwiched one or both sides by paper, the RFID tag is produced.


Frequency: 860-960 MHz

Protocol C1G2/ISO18000-6C

Read range: 1-10m

Packaging technology: Bonding and Converting

Surface material: Coated paper/Bright white PET Substrate/PP synthetic paper/Thermal paper/PVC and microwave absorbing material/Nylon/Ribbon



Asset tracking

Inventory management

Supply chain management

Logistics management

Waste management

Animal management



With large production capability, competitive price, fast delivery, rich large projects experience, excellent engineer service, INTELLHYDRO UHF RFID tag will enable your project successful.


UHF Antenna Parameter

Product figure Size Frequency Protocol Chip
uhf rfid tag  H47(44*44mm)  860-960MHz ISO18000-6C Impinj M4
uhf rfid tag 40*15mm 860-960MHz ISO18000-6C Impinj R6
15*70mm  860-960MHz  ISO18000-6C  Impinj R6
 11*95mm 860-960MHz ISO18000-6C Impinj R6
 9662  860-960MHz ISO18000-6C Alien H3
 9640  860-960MHz  ISO18000-6C  Alien H3
 9654  ISO18000-6C  ISO18000-6C  Alien H3
 9613  860-960MHz  ISO18000-6C  Alien H3
 9634  860-960MHz ISO18000-6C  Alien H3
 40*15mm 860-960MHz  ISO18000-6C NXP U7
 15*70mm 860-960MHz  ISO18000-6C NXP U7
30*50mm 860-960MHz ISO18000-6C  NXP U7


UHF Chips Parameter

Chip EPC User TID Reserved
NXP UCODE7 128 \ 96 \
UCODE7m 128 32 96 \
UCODE7xm 448 1 96 64
UCODE7xm+ 448 2 96 64
UCODE8 128 \ 96 64
Impinj Monza 4E 496 128 96 64
Monza 4QT 96(public)


512 96 64
Monza 4D 128 32 96 64
Monza 5 128 32 96 64
Monza R6 96 \ 96 \
Monza R6-A 96 \ 96 64
Monza R6-P 128(default)


96 64
EM EM4423 128/22 160/64 96 64
EM4324 96 720 96 64
EM4325 352 3072 96 64
Alien Alien H3 96 512 64 64
Alien H4 128 128 64 64



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